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Meissa Life Sciences is the Hungarian branch of Rigel Life Sciences, a European group offering the latest technical solutions in the market place while meeting and exceeding the needs of client engineering and GMP compliance teams within the Life Science Industries, Healthcare Facilities, Electronic Industries and Aerospace Agencies – your trusted partner whenever monitoring, managing and supervising the level of contamination in clean environments is required!

Meissa Life Sciences acts as the local representative of its mother company Rigel Life Sciences, and it is proud to be the exclusive dealer in Hungary for Climet Instruments Company, an international leader in the particle counting and air sampling field.

Meissa Life Sciences was founded to provide an authorized Service Center for Climet and Rigel Life Sciences’ instruments, offering the most accurate calibration and maintenance services by using only original spare parts to ensure the utmost reliability in operational performance.

Meissa Service Center can support users throughout Hungary with high quality calibration and maintenance services, warranty coverage, instrument hire and much more!


Rigel Life Sciences was first established in Italy in 2008 following a successful project in monitoring contamination within controlled environments, merging three different expertise arising from Ascotec (CLiMET dealer for over 15 years), from CTP System (a historical primary validation and consulting GMP Company) and the National Research Council (CNR), which is the largest public Italian research institution.

This prior knowledge and proficiency has enabled Rigel Life Sciences through the years to continuously design, develop and deliver innovative technical solutions to customers within the contamination control industry.


Acquired by Rigel in 2018, Jointech is an engineering company providing advanced solutions for automation, control and systems supervision. Originally established as  an independent company Jointech has built long term relationships with customers over the years through a commitment to on-time and on-budget delivery of services.

Jointech supports customers from the development of new systems to the revamping and optimization of existing ones, with a full range of services including consultancy, analysis, development up to full turn-key projects.


Orion Life Sciences was set up in 2019 in order to branch out Rigel in Western Europe. Despite being a young company, its highly skilled and specialized personnel in clean room environment control and validation is committed to provide excellent services and gathers a 20 years experience in instruments distribution, metrology and cleanroom certification providing top lead solutions in life sciences market.


Acquired by Rigel in 2021, FAI Instruments is a high-tech company whose main focus is to design and manufacture instrumentation for the detection and measurement of air pollution, based on the latest European and international standards.

Operating since 2002, Fai Instruments has developed original technologies and instruments able to give a highly effective contribution to the control of the suspended particle PMx.